Keep our site FREE!

We definitely love to excite you and the rest of our audience with kinky audio files! Because, THIS is our dirty hobby, after all.

However, making these files is very time consuming. Before a file is posted and hosted on our website, we have to
1. come up with a new and creative idea,
2. translate it into a script,
3. record it,
4. edit and mix the recording(s),
5. publish it,
6. promote it, etc..

Also we need to host and maintain this site, which of course, is not free of costs..

Our philosophy is to keep our website and all of our files free of charge for everyone to enjoy. And if you happen to be that lucky person, that has a hypno-kink plus a few bucks to spend, AND you like what we do, may I ask you to consider a financial donation via our Patreon site or directly via Paypal?

Please note, that you are not going to find any posts on our Patreon site. All of our files will be published here (for free) on